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Start at home

Be the change and join our cause against plastic pollution with our waste sorting app

Our Vision

A world where sorting, knowing and reducing your waste is an integral part of our lives to the point where people do it without thinking.


Our Mission

We develop a platform for consumers, producers and governments to improve waste separation and collection together.

Why bother?

Because most plastics you put for recycling, are not recycled but get burned! The piles of waste generated by our cities are too mixed to recycle well. There must be a better way, but how do we improve this? 
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Our Solution

What can we do against mixed waste? The best way is to sort well at the source – namely at home. We’re working on an AI-based app that can teach you how to deal with your waste in your local neighborhood just by taking a picture.

It will make it easier for you to easily pre-sort your waste at home and rewards you for correct sorting.
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