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What we care about


Plastics have brought us so many things that life without them is currently unthinkable. Think of the packaging that keeps our food fresh to prevent waste, or the device you’re using right now to read this piece of text on this website. Although we understand that plastics have brought us a lot of convenience and comfort, we also acknowledge that climate change and plastic pollution are real and are becoming worse over the years. Efforts are made to replace plastics with alternatives, but they are such a big part of our lives right now that it will be hard to fully replace them all, or at least it will take a considerable amount of time before we get there.

In the meantime, we need to keep our eyes on the future and find a way to make our planet liveable for future generations, while living our best lives as well. We must reduce our waste and reuse more to keep harmful substances out of our ecosystems, and until we achieve a fully circular economy, we should make full use of the recycling system we have in place now to buy us more time to save our planet.

We believe there are ways to balance our environment, economy and society in perfect harmony, but it will require hard work and drastic changes to our lifestyles and society as we know. Will you join us on our journey?


As mentioned earlier, it will be hard work to achieve the sustainable future that we envision. We strongly believe that it takes great teamwork and collaboration in order to achieve that. Not only do we understand the importance of building a great team at Reconnai to carry out our mission, we also think that our society as a whole should work together towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Some may argue that the industry is responsible for the plastic pollution problem, because it keeps producing plastics without providing many alternatives while others may argue that the responsibility lies with consumers, because of overconsumption. Yet other people may say that this is a problem for the government to tackle. The truth is that, no matter whose responsibility it is, we all suffer from it together with the whole planet, so there’s no time to be pointing fingers now. Instead, we believe that everyone -consumers, producers and governments or even more- should do their part in tackling plastic pollution. To tackle such a complex problem effectively requires great teamwork and coordination, which we are happy to provide with our solutions.

Diversity & Inclusion

You may have noticed in the previous paragraph on teamwork how we’re trying to band three very distinct groups together -consumers, producers and governments-, some of which are sometimes total opposites. And that brings us to our third core value: Diversity & Inclusion. As mentioned earlier, we won’t get far by pointing fingers at each other and by blaming our differences. At Reconnai however we think that it’s possible to utilize these differences and direct them for good, by carefully listening to each sound and by taking them into consideration. We believe that diversity offers the wide range of viewpoints and perspectives necessary to thrive, so it’s important to include them to make well-balanced decisions. It’s then important however to make sure that this diversity doesn’t end up in conflict, so we see it as our task to provide guidance and to align all these different voices towards a common goal, namely to keep our planet clean.

What we care about?
What we care about?